3 Facts About Working For Yourself

It’s not always easy working for yourself, here’s three simple and honest facts about what to expect.

1. You will work almost all of the time.

When you are working for yourself it’s hard to keep to just regular work hours because there’s always something more to be getting on with! Even when you’re not at work, you’ll be thinking about it.To overcome this you’ll have to find a good balance between work and home. When you figure out how, please teach me how to do it. I think it starts by having set work times and trying to get as much sorted out during that time as you can.

2. Feast or famine

Money will not be a regular thing (at least not until you get going properly). Living on ramen noodles will help for a bit at least until you die of malnutrition or boredom. I’d also suggest having a plan b, plan c and plan d so that if money’s not coming in from one source you can work on another one of your plans. This could be as simple as plan b is lowering your rates a bit, plan c is sending out an email blast to your previous customers, plan d is scouting freelancing websites for more work. There’s always something else you can be doing, no point sitting on your bum doing nothing and waiting for work to head your way.

3. The government will always take too much

There’s an old saying “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” You should be prepared for extra tax bills, pension payments, unemployment.. insurance and all the other surprising bills that come from running your company. No-one’s perfect but software can really help with this. In my company we use You Need A Budget to manage our accounts and see what’s coming up and whether we’re going to pay all of our bills for the month. It’s pretty handy and cheap too.

Bonus Tip for Working For Yourself

There’s no sense in complaining about the things you can’t change. Sure you can blame the government, taxes, location, customers, the financial situation in your country and even God for all of your problems.. or you can just get on with it, come up with some new ideas and take responsibility and learn from your mistakes. It’s all possible 🙂

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