9 Posts I’m Fed Up Seeing On Facebook

There’s a lot of talk about Facebook being over and done with now that all the youngsters have moved on. So far there isn’t a replacement site for stalking old boyfriends or catching up with old school mates.¬†

The Facebook Problem

Now that everyone and their granny is on there, it seems that no-one has anything actually worthwhile to say. 90% of my feed is filled with lame shares and photos. In the beginning we all¬†thought it was great being able to share what we were up to and maybe even attach a picture to let everyone know what we were seeing. Now everyone takes it for granted and they don’t bother posting anything real. Which led me to making this list of nine Facebook status posts that I’m fed up seeing.

#1 – Minion Quotes


These have got to be the worst kind of crap you can find on Facebook. I think we all have at least one family member who insists on sharing lame quotes or ‘I’m so edgy and unique as told by my edgy quote” images accompanied by an image of a minion. Why a minion? Well why not, it isn’t weird at all…

#2 – The Can-You-Tell-I’m-A-Mum Post


These posts take the biscuit because it’s usually a platform for parents to one-up one another and show just how loving they are. The photo above was pretty amusing all things considered. Usually these kinds of posts are not amusing, they’re just plain sad. “The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children” rubbish. Yes you have pro-created. Well done you.

I wonder how many of these parents are ignoring their child to share some profound rubbish on Facebook? “Not now darling, daddy is sharing something!”

#3 – Can I Get 10000 Likes?

These are the ones with a photo of someone holding a sign. Usually it’s a school teacher “I’m teaching my class about internet safety, lets see how far this picture goes!”, or “This man is 102, how many “likes” can he get?” None. That’s how many they get from me. In fact if it was possible to vote down the likes, I’d do it. I’m glad Facebook has added emotions. I’m going to use the angry one every time I see one of these suckers.

#4 – The Sappy Crap


These ones are often part of the parenting post mindset and contain all kinds of rubbish like “Share this post if you have a grandmother that means the world to you!”. They pretend to have deep meaning and love and respect for their subject matter but you know for a fact that those couples spreading the love in posts will probably be writing up a hate-storm in public on Facebook the next day. Love and hate go hand-in-hand.

#5 – Blatant Racism


I don’t care what anyone says, this kind of stuff is inciting hatred. Yes we all agree that ex-service people should be taken care of too, however it’s not an all or nothing situation. It’s not refugees that are forcing him to sleep in his car. Blame the government, blame bad management… blame what’s really the problem here. The thing that bugs me so much about these type of posts is that they spread mis-information and just downright lies to scare people and it works.

#6 – The Antisocial Rebel


These posts are similar to #1 only they don’t have a minion. They could have a minion and they’d be just as meaningful (i.e crap) but the person who made it probably wanted to try and be tasteful while forgetting the meaning of the word by the utter rubbish they put in it.

#7 – I’m So Vain

I don’t even need to post a picture with this one (these posts get enough attention as it is). Everyone has at least one crazy selfie person who posts hardly anything else. You get bonus points if your selfie person pouts in each picture. I have at least three selfi-ests on my feed. Yes I know you look fab. Well done you for being ridiculously good looking. No I don’t need to see what you look like every hour of the day you total narcissist.

#8 – The Pushy Political

I’m guilty of this one myself. When I believe strongly in a cause I can’t help but try to get everyone on-board by sharing any good information I find about it. I’ll bet that bugs the hell out of at least a few of my Facebook friends.

#9 – The Fake Cause

This post usually has a picture of someone suffering and has captions such as “Not all illnesses can be seen. Share this if you have…… ” and following is a list of illnesses or mental illnesses. Then at the end is usually something like “This month is Autism awareness month. Can I ask everyone to share this status and keep it for one hour on their feed?”. No you can’t ask. Bugger off. These “Can I ask?” is a waste of my life reading and your typo-filled fake awareness month can go get stuffed too.

In Conclusion

Any other types of Facebook posts that really grind your gears? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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