Batman and Robin

I’m watching Batman and Robin.. much to my own disgust. I find this film amusing in it’s own way but only if I don’t try and compare it to anything else. I think of this film as being an expensive Batman spoof, it helps me sleep at night.

Most painful scene:

When Isley confronts Bruce Wayne in the observatory. Her plan is that people stop using diesel fuel and coolant which would cause a lot of people to starve and die. She says that it’s acceptable loss. She then starts an ex-positional monologue while walking away.. gah.

Dumbest character:

Mr. Freeze. Half of the time I have no idea what he’s saying. His plan is stupid. Why not just sell all the diamonds he’s pinched and get funding that way? Why the complex ‘holding-Gotham-to-ransom’ plan?

Best character:

Poison ivy. Yes she’s doing some seriously dodgy acting and has a crappy plan.. but at least she’s cheesy in an amusing way unlike Mr. Freeze.

Dumbest idea:

A tie between the Bat credit-card and Batgirl.

Best idea:

Putting Poison Ivy in a gorilla suit and making her dance.


My rating: 4/10