Blog Revamp

I’m a bugger for leaving half-filled websites littered around the web. Whenever I come up with a new idea I buy at least two domain names for it, design a website, grab my social media pages so that no-one yoinks the names.. and then never have time to update any of them.

It’s starting to become a pattern so I’ve been thinking that I should simplify and stick it all on here.

So to that end I have updated the categories a bitty, added a new sidebar and some widgets and done a bit of much-needed cleaning.

It’s also been moved from to cos my name is a bit of a mouthful.

Anyhoo am looking forward to a bit of simplification and will be moving the stuff for Cult Simulator here as well since it doesn’t really need it’s own site yet. Trying to think what else I have mouldering away in cyberspace…

Still to do:

  • Add a favicon. Why does WP insist on sticking its own default in there now?
  • Mobile menu is missing entirely
  • Other mobile improvements
  • Actually write stuff hah.

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