Feather Duster Worm Dramatic Rescue

Well, it wasn’t that dramatic… but since everyone’s in lockdown just now, it’s the most interesting thing I’ve seen in about a week.

My Haddoni Anenome decided at last to do a bit of travelling this morning. Unfortunately, that travelling was right on top of a rock of zoa’s and also right on top of a few feather duster worms that decided to attach to the rock there. One of the worms was already covered and the other was about to be enveloped.

One nasty thing about Haddoni is that they are sticky and sting your bare skin. I was worried about my worms so I had to get in right away to get them moved before the anemone could kill them. I grabbed a big net to try and contain Big Boo, who is a nasty little madam and likes to take chunks out of my hands… but that’s a whole other story.

Anyhoo I got her kind of contained as she was scared of the net and stuck my hands in to try and get the worms out of the way. I got the smallest tube off after much prodding and gently pulling and getting stung by the Haddoni. I was relieved when I got it out of the way… got down off my stool and looked in the tank at a job well done. Then with horror saw that the biggest worm was still there. So once again I had to open up the lid and get my hands in there and get stung to hell.

My fingers were sore afterwards.. luckily a quick shower and some Bepanthen creme worked wonders and now I barely feel it. The two dusters are happy in their new home with the other dusters and the Haddoni has now moved about 10cm to the right and exactly where the feather dusters were.

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