Nerdy-Joy and Great Customers

There are a lot of moments when I am really grateful for being able to support myself doing something I love doing.

Yesterday one of my customer sites was hacked.

Now, of course, I’m not thrilled about that. In fact, I’d prefer it never happened, but it was just a matter of time with such a popular site.

Of course the site already had top-notch updates, security hardening, file-integrity checks and monitoring as well as the Sucuri firewall but still, some little bugger got through. I had a huge selection of backups so it wasn’t a big deal, but.. it was interesting figuring out how they did it and how to fix it considering the security on the site was like Fort Knox already.

It was all fixed quickly and now I’m keeping a close eye on the situation. Imagine if they didn’t have my WP-Turva/WP Ensure service. That site would have been dead in the water or worse yet.. blacklisted by Google.

Last night I found myself in the throes of nerdy-joy. You could call it techno-joy but that’s more for hardware-lovers. I loved taking the time to investigate and find the solution late at night in the dark.

Today I went to see the customer and reassure them that everything is ok and now we have a good idea of where the problem came from and what they have to do about it. FYI Malware scans of your computer are important because it can also spread to WordPress. I use Malwarebytes to catch pesky malware.

Most of my nerdy-joy comes from my customers. Every single one of my customers is great and enrich my life in some way. It makes it easy to do my best for them.

I recently read this article on SBNN which contained a list of things the entrepreneur learned during their first two years.

The main thing I’ve learned is that if you’re not on the same page or wavelength as your customer then it’s no use forcing a working relationship. Luckily there have been very few people I haven’t been able to get along with (although I’m sure I annoy them more than they let on when deadlines get a little longer than planned 🙂

What’s most important to me is to do good work with good people and I’m fortunate to be able to do that.

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