New Branding

It’s been a pretty busy year and I haven’t had nearly as much time as I’d like to spend on Crusoe. It’s always been in my mind though and I still haven’t found the perfect survival game. Now that things are starting to settle down I’ve found I’ve had more time to think about features and design for the game. Also during the past year, I’ve done a course in c# which will really help with Unity coding. I’m going to assign time weekly to work on the game and by getting into a routine I hope development will be faster and more stable.

As well as some new branding for the game (I’ve got some nice start menu’s done as well as a new logo and overall more polished feel to the game), I’ve also added a features plugin to this site. You can submit and vote on features here. The forum was a pain to use and usually just resulted in spam so let’s see how it goes with the plugin. Look out for some new screenshots in the following weeks!