New Sebae Anemone

Part of Finland is currently closed off from the rest of us and my preferred aquarium shop is in that area so I havent been able to get supplies or coral in a while.

I was doing OK until they posted a sebae anemone on their Facebook page. I have wanted one for a long time although I have also been on the lookout for a condy. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it so I got the price, reserved it and ordered it that night along with three more feather dusters and my first acropora.

The package was sent express this morning but still hadn’t arrived by tea-time so I contacted the store and got a tracking code which showed that it left Helsinki at 3pm. I took a chance and drove to the package depot and it was due to come in 10 minutes so I waited and got my new coral home 🙂

The acropora had come off it’s plug but apart from that everything looked fine. I’m glad i got it tonight instead of tomorrow as I didn’t want to stress them out more than they had to. The seller had packed them really well with heat packs so they would have been fine tomorrow morning as well but I feel better knowing they’re here and in my tank.

Am not sure whether I’ll be able to afford any more coral during this coronavirus situation, but at least I have my hands full with looking after my tank just now and seeing if I can make all my inhabitants happy. The new skimmer has been fantastic in removing nitrates and phosphates and as a result some colour is coming back into zoa’s (although it could also be that their new location in the tank is better for them). Will be keeping an eye on the new sebae and will try feeding it tomorrow along with my other anemones. Hope it finds a good place to live!

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