Sea Life Helsinki

Whenever I come to Helsinki I do my best to stop off at two places. One is Sea Life Helsinki and the other is the zoo.

If you know me even a little, you know I love aquariums and fish but have an irrational shark phobia. I really can’t get enough of looking at aquariums.

Today I stopped off at Sea Life and had a great time taking some pictures of the wee blighters. I also stood in the shark tunnel for a good ten minutes and am happy to say that my phobia is clearing up quite nicely. I started paying attention to the details on the sharks rather than the shape of them. It’s the way they move that bothers me. At the aquarium, I also got to see the seahorses being fed and one of the guides there was telling me all about them and we had a laugh about my shark phobia etc. She also told me that yearly memberships are on discount just now so I got a yearly membership there for just 10 euro. So even if I were to go there only twice in a year (I do go more often) then I’d be making my money back.

I’m considering stopping by tomorrow again because if you pay four euro you get a tour of their sump room which I reckon would be worth a looky. I did get a couple of nice shots of a huge puffer fish. But I’m disappointed in my phone camera quality. I really wish I could take some better pictures with it. I should have brought my DSLR but I’m not sure that’s any better :/

I also had a good walk around Helsinki. I really love it here. Maybe it’s the sea air, or maybe just that there’s so much life here. Loads of people, many languages, everyone just doing their thing. Also, they really make an effort at Christmas and everything looks fab. I’m glad that it only takes about an hour and half to drive here and I can be in Helsinki. Mini-vacations are the best!

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