Time – Founder Fears #3

A few years ago I decided to branch out. Up until that point I had decided to stick to my safe place (coding) because I was afraid that my design skills and product ideas weren’t up to much. I had to take a long look at what motivations and fears were holding me back and how I could overcome them.

Fear #3 – Time

Do you constantly feel that you’re running behind schedule and that no matter how many hours you work, there’s still not enough time to get everything done? If you don’t have that feeling then you’re obviously either a) not a freelancer, b) not doing it right or c) amazingly organized. I work pretty much all the time yet I still have the nagging feeling that I’m missing something.

Recently I formed a four-person team and moved them to a business park. This was a pretty risky move because it meant that I had to actually try and be a good boss and leader. It meant I had to try and organize not only my own work schedule, but that of three other people. Needless to say the first month didn’t go too well on that front but I think I have it nailed this month. We also have an intensive sales course every Wednesday until Christmas so that’s been forcing me to take a look at my methods and try to hone what exactly it is that we’re trying to do. Either way I still don’t feel that I’m doing enough.

Until things are up and running properly (i.e with our new pricelist etc) there is just no way I can rest. This is the life of an entrepreneur and if I can’t make it, at least I know that I will have tried my best!

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