Unity Oddities

I’ve been working in Unity for a few months now and it seems like there are a few things that us noobs should take into account.

  1. Script errors can appear out of the blue saying there are missing components. Seems like it’s mostly Unity’s own standard scripts like GlobalFog that messes up and for some reason sometimes Unity doesn’t recognize it’s own standard assets and the whole thing can go haywire. Maybe one day I’ll get to the bottom of why Unity does this.
  2. Backups are important. Save in small increments. Sometimes one little error or one little Unity bug and your entire scene stops working. It’s always good to load up a working scene and carry on from there rather than try and fix the huge amount of weird little errors that start popping up.
  3. Good luck moving objects in 3D space. If I could count the minutes I’ve spent trying to move the player or object into a decent position, it’d probably amount to hours.
  4. Buying assets is a lot of fun and can really make your game look good. Add them one at a time though so you can iron out any incompatibility problems as they come up. Even so, you’ll no doubt be getting a bunch of warnings and possibly errors as soon as Unity updates or whenever Unity feels like it (see #1).