Water! We have water!

A few weeks ago, the asset I was using for the water (Suimono) decided to stop working which made the game look pretty boring. The developer has released a hotfix now and that means the Crusoe island is once again an island! Woot! Check out the latest screenshots to see what’s been going on.

Today I was working on the basic gameplay mechanics and I got the health, hunger, thirst, stamina and sanity meters up and running and also added weather effects to that. If it’s raining, you won’t be so thirsty, if it’s really hot and sunny then that’ll affect you differently than if it’s really hot and cloudy. I’ve also opted for a minimalist info/inventory/crafting screen that pops up when you press tab rather than a whole load of shortcut keys. Once the de-buff and buff system are in place it’ll be even more complex just like in real life. During testing I’ll have to see if the stats and fall rates are in balance with the rest of the game.