Why the world needs “another” island survival game

I’ve been looking for a decent island survival game/simulator for years. I love the idea of surviving on a tropical island and have no doubt watched too many Bear Grylls episodes. Unfortunately not everyone can go and try their hand at surviving on an island (Apparently Bear Grylls doesn’t let people outside of the U.K apply for his The Island show.. git he is) so I looked for the nerdy equivalent that didn’t involve me having to be hungry in any way.

My husband (I’m a chick F.Y.I) kept going on about how there are lots of island survival games but even after extensive searching he couldn’t find even one that:

a) It’s basic premise is survival/foraging/crafting/farming etc.
b) Didn’t involve some kind of first person shooter (Far Cry 3 etc).

Hell I’d rather be playing if it exists rather than developing one myself…

Stranded Deep is as close to island survival as I could find and even then, the premise of the game is more about exploring than surviving. I enjoy playing it but it’s still not the game I want.

Another promising game is Miasmata but in that game you’re being stalked by some creature as you try to collect samples to cure your illness, so again, it’s not really island survival.

I’m fully aware that most gamers might find the kind of game I have in mind boring, however there’s a lot of games out there today that focus on survival (The Long Dark is a good example) rather than shooting and killing things (7 Days to Die, Rust etc).

Here’s a list of planned and implemented features and over the weekend I’ll get some screenshots up of the game so far.